Tuesday, November 5, 2013

spies like us

It occurred to me just the other day that this blog, Come Spy With Me, has lingered here without an update or proper wrap up in well over a year. What a shame. We sure do get a ton of daily traffic and lots of reposting on pinterest. I suppose I am not really one to leave things hanging so today I thought I would put up a proper last post since the truth of the matter is that it is highly unlikely that anymore of our fun and fabulous updates will be taking place here. Though you should never say never! After closing up our shop it has taken us grasshopper girls a good couple of years to recover and re-find ourselves and yes, we have moved on to better things.
This past year has found me happily traveling quite a bit starting with a visit to San Francisco in February, a jaunt to Estonia in June, two weeks in Italy in July, a long summer weekend in Long Beach Island, NJ and a recent journey to New York City to visit my dear gal, Miss Tracy. Amidst the to and fro I have been penning The Peregrine Papers and stocking a handmade and vintage shop Forged and Found.

Spring 2013 found Tracy leaving Philadelphia behind for a second time in her life. This time landing in Brooklyn with her two tiny dogs and boyfriend in tow and carving out a new life with many new adventures. She is feathering her stellar new nest, finding new friends and busy with work. October was an opportunity for the two of us to get get together and finally reconnect. Having NYC  and Brooklyn as our backdrop was so much fun. I can't wait to get back there.

Signing off for now friends!
Thanks for following and enjoying all of our curating.
It's been a blast...