Wednesday, April 30, 2008

chill out

Don't let this mid-spring chill get you down. Work up a sweat and get over to grasshopper. We just got some great new stuff in. Cotton-y basics from me'el in super flattering silhouettes that come off more chic than casual. AND get down with your inner mrs. roper in these fabulous party tunics & dresses from new line Kjurek.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Philadelphia Weak-ly Party

We were invited to a PW party located on the rooftop of the new Murano building, a 42 floor residential building with a 60 foot pool. The invite boasted a "Rooftop Hop" and a "dance under the stars" vibe. Needless to say, this sounded very chic and glamorous to us. When we arrived it was none of that. The party was actually located in a severely under developed building on the 23rd floor. Despite the lack of food and badly made drinks, we managed to have a great time!

Fruit Stripe dress by Candela
Rainbow dress by Candela
Navy printed dress by Aoyama Itchome
Available at Grasshopper

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just lovely!

Jumpers from GREY ANT

Dresses from Moon

A new spring dress from grasshopper...put it on your to do list. There are so many to choose from.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's your party and you'll vote if you want to

If you get the chance today, don't forget to vote for the best candidate. Also, be kind to the planet and Happy Earth Day!

Monday, April 21, 2008

feelin' it

So, we got these amazing earrings in last week and they already sold out. An order of 5 more pairs is expected in by the end of this week. I, of course, could not resist getting my ears on these wild creatures and was the first customer in line for them. Since I got them last week, I may have skipped only one day of wearing them. I am now planning entire outfits around them. How can you resist? They are a part earring/part hair extension, lightweight conversation starter.
Top that.

living life

This past weekend was not only unseasonably warm, it was also filled with fun. Starting on my walk to work on Friday, I saw this great political artwork stenciled up on a wall under a 95 overpass. I saw some other stuff earlier last week, but didn't have my camera and it seems to be pulled down or covered over within a day so I missed photographing it.

On Saturday, at my night job, they hosted a wedding reception and the room was decked out with huge red rose floral arrangements. The people having the party left all the flowers behind so I scored! All weekend I have had this gorgeous bouquet on my vanity to look at as I get gorgeous. Inspiring!

On Sunday the weather cooled down a bit. While I was getting dressed and trying to figure out layering for the cool but sunny day, I realized that some days I dress like I am color blind and mix different colors in the same family. This was big source of comic relief for the day. This day I had on a royal purple sundress with a rusty plum colored jacket a deep indigo boots. Strange but true. The day started with eggs & a bottle of french cider at Coquette, a great little French bistro in Bella Vista. After brunch, me and the man when for a stroll through the little alleys of Old City, stopping for a minute outside of our favorite ice cream shoppe-The Franklin Fountain.

Before heading home we stopped in the Olde City Tavern. Neither of us had ever been there before because it is considered, by locals, a tourist trap. But I must recommend stopping in the bar for a quick drink! It was really quite charming. We both tried a strawberry shrub cocktail. I had the champagne shrub, he ordered a brandy shrub. Strawberry shrub is native to the Appalachian stream banks of the Smokies and in colonial times the cinnamon-flavored bark was used as a seasoning in food and drink. Who knew?

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I always find it therapeutic to do mindless tasks that incorporate your artistic side, but with lots of repetition. Regina and I spent the afternoon making the oh so 80's ribbon barrettes with beads on the end. This is one of those talents that no matter how many of these I make, it never seems to get any easier. But then again, that's what makes it so much sweeter, when I look at the finished product and say, "I want that too."
Available at Grasshopper

new things for spring

this just in...

flirty dresses from me'el
feather warrior earrings by rise up
leather headbands from lynda smith
come in and check out the CRAZY sale rack we have going.
50% off the last marked down price
this shit is bananas and it's moving fast

tuesday trouble

The weather has finally broken in Philadelphia and Spring is in full swing. This makes for the perfect opportunity for walking through the city....and doing a little shopping (trouble). I wound up hitting H&M, Urban, & my serious weakness-Sephora. After about an hour in there I stumbled home in a beauty daze and went home and tried on all my new products. My new favorite has to be the lip pot from Nars called Chelsea Girls. It has to be the ultimate creamy nude color I have ever found.

Fresh faced and frisky I went for a bon-voyage drink (trouble) for a friend who is leaving town this week. Tracy and I were both wearing our new jeweled animal rings.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle

As you will soon gather I am a huge fan of e-bay and can spend hours pouring over the site. I have to admit sometimes I can get myself into trouble, when I'm not so into an item, but I just have to win. I can get very competitive and the feeling of winning is very fleeting, when I realize how much I just spent. However that was not the case when I found these planters. I always thought that planters were kind of lame, you know kittens playing with yarn, bluebirds in a tree, you get the idea. Then I came across this tiger and panther and I fell in love. For the past month as we've been getting closer and closer to warm weather I've been going crazy for all things botanical. It makes me feel good to nurture a plant and watch it grow. And how could I pass these guys up when I was the only one bidding.

Friday, April 11, 2008

outlawitis or spring fever?

I think I may have both.
We just got our first delivery of Magick Outlaw's 2008 Spring collection at grasshopper today. After sweating over inventory and tagging all the shirts I must say I am overwhelmed at the idea of choosing only one of these fabulous designs to be my spring/summer go-to t-shirt. At $28, I may have to choose more than one! Right now "LRO" is at the top of my list. I think I will sleep on it and decide tomorrow.
Here are some shots from M.O. spring photo shoot to get you in the mood for picking out your favorite-