Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle

As you will soon gather I am a huge fan of e-bay and can spend hours pouring over the site. I have to admit sometimes I can get myself into trouble, when I'm not so into an item, but I just have to win. I can get very competitive and the feeling of winning is very fleeting, when I realize how much I just spent. However that was not the case when I found these planters. I always thought that planters were kind of lame, you know kittens playing with yarn, bluebirds in a tree, you get the idea. Then I came across this tiger and panther and I fell in love. For the past month as we've been getting closer and closer to warm weather I've been going crazy for all things botanical. It makes me feel good to nurture a plant and watch it grow. And how could I pass these guys up when I was the only one bidding.

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