Wednesday, April 9, 2008


We have been asked on numerous occasions, "why the name grasshopper?". The answer for that would be in this tin (to the left) of Tracy's. It's a vintage tin/pen case/stash box with a logo and image from the movie The Grasshopper starring Jacqueline Bisset. If you can get your hands on a copy of it---it is excellent vintage camp. In it Bisset plays Christine, a beautiful and restless girl form the country who leaves her simple life for LA. The City of Angels soon ceases to excite her (she works as a bank teller) and Christine once again hits the road. This time she hitches to seedy Las Vegas, talking her way into a position as a nude show girl. An unquenchable thirst for fun and pleasure leads her to jump from man to man and party to party. Christine's roving eye, unquiet heart, and non-stop lifestyle leads to inevitable self-destruction. The soundtrack is just as good as the movie. I was able to score a copy of it on vinyl on ebay. Here are some stills of Jakie's excellent styles...

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