Monday, April 21, 2008

living life

This past weekend was not only unseasonably warm, it was also filled with fun. Starting on my walk to work on Friday, I saw this great political artwork stenciled up on a wall under a 95 overpass. I saw some other stuff earlier last week, but didn't have my camera and it seems to be pulled down or covered over within a day so I missed photographing it.

On Saturday, at my night job, they hosted a wedding reception and the room was decked out with huge red rose floral arrangements. The people having the party left all the flowers behind so I scored! All weekend I have had this gorgeous bouquet on my vanity to look at as I get gorgeous. Inspiring!

On Sunday the weather cooled down a bit. While I was getting dressed and trying to figure out layering for the cool but sunny day, I realized that some days I dress like I am color blind and mix different colors in the same family. This was big source of comic relief for the day. This day I had on a royal purple sundress with a rusty plum colored jacket a deep indigo boots. Strange but true. The day started with eggs & a bottle of french cider at Coquette, a great little French bistro in Bella Vista. After brunch, me and the man when for a stroll through the little alleys of Old City, stopping for a minute outside of our favorite ice cream shoppe-The Franklin Fountain.

Before heading home we stopped in the Olde City Tavern. Neither of us had ever been there before because it is considered, by locals, a tourist trap. But I must recommend stopping in the bar for a quick drink! It was really quite charming. We both tried a strawberry shrub cocktail. I had the champagne shrub, he ordered a brandy shrub. Strawberry shrub is native to the Appalachian stream banks of the Smokies and in colonial times the cinnamon-flavored bark was used as a seasoning in food and drink. Who knew?

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