Wednesday, January 14, 2009

my picks

I have never been a big fan of award shows. I don't go to the movies enough or watch enough TV to be current on what is up for nomination. But I do love having the peek at who is wearing what. This weekend I actually found myself at my parents watching the Golden Globes. This award show is fun because the celebrities all have giant bottles of champagne on their tables and they are getting loose. It's more of an anything goes atmosphere. I know I am late in posting about this but here are my fave ladies from that night, starting with my top pick-the fun loving, glamourous, truly trashtastic, Drew Barrymore.

AND the close runners up.....

did you have a favorite?


Anonymous said...

my favourite remains cameron diaz's dress, because pink is the new for summer and the dress is just so elegant, chanel isn't it?!
drew is cool but galliano is not my cupe of tea for red carpet!
but if i have had the chance to be there the last one dress of miss willis will be the best gorgeous.
ps: nice website, good continuation

Dallas Shaw said...

yes, love cammy's look! whoo!


Sammit said...

I thought Maggie Gyllenhaal's look was disgusting...Diaz looked phenomenal!

Michelle said...

I completely agree with your choices!
I saw that Drew was getting a ton of flak for her hair, but I didn't think it was too awful at all. I suppose you could look at it as a brilliant throwback to her days as a 13 year old alcoholic.