Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cleared for Permanent Landing

Welcome to the Jumbo Hostel located at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden. With 25 rooms, this is a great place to stay overnight to catch an early morning flight and it sure beats the same old cookie-cutter local airport hotels.

Built in 1976, this 747 was once in the Pan Am fleet. Rescued from rusting obscurity by the imaginative Oscar Dios, who owns several other hostels in the region, it has been converted to the glamour of its heyday. The hostel opened in early January 2009 complete with refurbished seats in the downstairs cafe and private top-deck lounge carefully designed from a time reminiscent of greater legroom. The romantic penthouse lies at the front of the plane in the cockpit accompanied by the hostel's only private bathroom. Meals are microwaved as mood music plays in the background; and if you desire you can married out on the wing.


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This is so freaking cool.