Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hole up

Spring is 65 days away. The winter in the the Northeast USA has been decidedly colder than what we have experienced in the past few years. Though I try to be optimistic about the days growing longer, it is the sharp chill in the air that keeps my tensed shoulders in layered knits, warm woolens, under down comforters, and chenille throws. It does not seem to be getting any easier waking up on time, leaving the warmth of my bed, or abandoning the comfort of books and movies while curled up on my sofa. Tea and coffee have never felt so welcomed and grilled sandwiches & soup always are so entirely appropriate. Old Man Winter, this year I am going to try to embrace you.


Every Little Counts said...

these photos make me want to go back to them all.

Lovely Leti said...

Lovely post, dolls! I love to come up with posts like this in my blog every once in a while. I´m looking at my bed with extra love right now! Peace