Monday, August 30, 2010

end of an era

Gather around friends, for a big announcement.

Four years ago, we opened GRASSHOPPER in Center City, Philadelphia, our hometown. We had dreamed for years of opening a shop, and were fortunate for it to become a quick reality. In the course of 5 months we found an amazing space, renovated, ordered stock, secured fixtures and opened our doors. Within our first year we received serious press and attention including being awarded Best New Boutique by Philadelphia Magazine. We knew we were on to something, and our customers, fans, and friends--told us we'd created a place where they felt comfortable, inspired, and transported. You came to GRASSHOPPER for finds unlike those anywhere else in our area and shared the store with your friends and quickly made customers of them, too! We've felt enormous gratitude, awe, and appreciation for our customers.

As we come up on celebrating our Fourth Anniversary in business, we’ve decided it's time to close GRASSHOPPER's doors. That's right: GRASSHOPPER will be closing at the end of this month-September 2010. This decision emerged after many months of thought, contemplation, weighing options, and soul searching. We owe our biggest thanks to our parents, Kimberly & Dave of AMERICAN MORTALS, our significant others & their families, Jack, Frank and Warren, Chris Ruggiero, Aileen Abercrombie and all of our dear friends. Thank you all for supporting the shop, for reading this blog, and for helping to make GRASSHOPPER a great place to shop and one of the greatest experiences of our lives so far.

With that said, it makes sense that we're holding a Store Closing Sale. Everything must go! Everything in the store will be discounted 25-60% OFF. This includes all merchandise—from jewelry to women's apparel, menswear and accessories and everything in between-- AND also fixtures, furniture, and props and oddities. Come out and get your last fix of GRASSHOPPER while it lasts. We will not be shipping large or heavy items. We will be posting highlights from the sale on our blog and also on our Facebook page to keep you updated.

All sales are final. Absolutely no holds, returns, refunds, exchanges, or store credits. This is also the FINAL CALL FOR GIFT CARDS/STORE CREDITS. If you have any outstanding cards or have given any as gifts in the past year or two, this is the time to redeem those for merchandise. Please stop in as soon as possible, as our sale will progress quickly and you'll want to shop our best selection.

Let the sales begin! Here's to prodigious shifts, changes of pace, reinvention, and renewal of all sorts! We wanted to include a short trip down memory lane showcasing all the fun & goodness that keeping this shop has brought into our lives. Thanks again everyone. And keep reading Come Spy With Me-that will not be going anywhere!

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