Monday, September 6, 2010

everything must go

So, along with all of our ridiculously discounted merchandise, we are selling off almost all of our fixtures, furniture, props and oddities. Come get a piece of GRASSHOPPER while it lasts. We will not be shipping large or heavy items. We will be posting highlights from the sale on our blog and also on our Facebook page to keep you updated.
Keep in mind--all sales are final. Absolutely no returns, refunds, exchanges, or store credits. Please stop in as soon as possible, as our sale will progress quickly and you'll want to shop our best selection. If you would like to put dibs on something that you see online you can stop in the store and pay ahead if it is something still in use. We are flexible with payment as long as the items are paid in full by the 25th.

Here is a sampling of some of what we are getting rid of:

Mid-Century working fireplace-starting at $500

Vintage owl rug wall hanging-$25

Wooden hat stand-$5

Various jewelry displays-$1-$10

vintage ceramic mushroom-$15

working! donut phone-$75

mannequin heads-$20 each

male torso & female mannequin-$25 & $100

vintage wicker mannequin, side table, wall mirror-$30, $5, $20

vintage woodland mirror-$40

mid-century rotating stool-$25

vintage glass & chrome coffee table-$75

glass display case-$60

cash/wrap desk, counter-$450

green discontinued ikea shelves-$50 each

various glass shelves-$15-$20

Vintage double swag lamp-$150

vintage lucite chandelier-$125

smoked lucite globe swag lamp-$75

and there is a lot more! so please stop by and check it out!

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