Saturday, July 5, 2008

do it myself

Last week I was given a skirt by a good lady friend. She had never worn it and had thought of me because of the style. Always happy to get a freebie, I went home and tried it on. It fit perfectly and I loved the way it was cut + the lace tiers, since I am a sucker for anything lace or tiers. I wasn't totally into the color which was originally the lightest mint green. It really didn't work with black lace. I immediately thought of dying it. I haven't hand dyed any clothing in so long and I was excited to try these new dyes that the art supply store in Old City has been carrying.

The colors seems so much more brilliant than RIT dye and come in a conveinient pack that dissolves in the water-so no mess! And what pretty packaging. My first idea was to tie-dye the skirt, but I was afraid it would look too busy. Then I remembered seeing a great post on this is glamorous about the color electric blue. Very inspiring! So that's what I went with and here is the outcome:

Seemed a strangely appropriate choice for the 4th of July. Now I want to do another piece in my wardrobe that I was thinking about giving away myself...

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