Saturday, July 19, 2008

Point and Shoot

Guy Bourdin (December 2, 1928 - March 29, 1991) was a groundbreaking French photographer. He was employed by Vogue magazine in 1955 for nearly 30 years, mostly working for their French edition.

In the sixties, Bourdin was commissioned by the Charles Jourdan shoe company to head their advertising campaign. His over the top ads, focusing on crime scenes, were greatly anticipated by the media and transcended traditional advertising at this time.

In the seventies, Bourdin worked alongside Helmut Newton at French Vogue and their images defied the boundaries of fashion photography. Their photographs contained a touch of fetishism, violence and masochism. Nevertheless, they were always glamourous.

Bourdin died in Paris in 1991 of cancer. His profound influence on fashion photography still remains today.



Hi from Paris Stylish tlu,

the least we can say by seeing these beautiful photos is that you have the eye : congratulation

i just wanted to warn you before i go to bed (it's late in Paris) : my last street style photos could make you fall in love with Paris and the stylish parisian girls ! lol

i wish you a pleasant evening and hop that my com is not intrusiv

cheers from Paris


Bridget said...

I love these photographs. And I love what you guys are doing. Truly, your talent extends beyond fashion. Or rather, reaches every element of art that fashion touches.