Thursday, August 21, 2008

pretty as a picture

Sara Moon is a fictitious name created by the Red Baron Publishing Co. of Los Angeles. The creator was Bidjan, a Persian artist, living in Germany. He was commissioned by Red Baron to create commercial artworks of the female form. Four years later Bidjan parted company with Red Baron and his artwork just seemed to disappear.

Bidjan was hired by Verkerke in the Netherlands and in 1981 began churning out more work under the Sara Moon moniker. Red Baron satisfied their own customers by commissioning a new artist, Christian, to paint and sign images as Sara Moon. This led to works by both artists being released as Sara Moon art during the years 1980-1982.

In 1983 Red Baron Publishing was consumed by fire and many of Bidjan's earlier works were destroyed. This prompted Red Baron to cease producing art work. In Germany, Bijan continued to paint as Sara Moon for Verkerke until the early 1990's when he retired to a quieter life to teach.

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