Friday, August 1, 2008

shades of grey

Grey Ant is a true grasshopper favorite. We have been intrigued by this line long before our store was open and we are proud to be one of the first boutiques in Philadelphia to carry the line. After many years, it seems like Grant Krajecki’s zany idea of high waisted jeans & sexy 70's & 80's silhouettes is finally catching on. We have sold Grey Ant denim since Fall 2006 and I think it is some of the best denim cut in the most flattering styles. We started carrying their satin slip dresses for Holiday 2006 and have been selling selections of the clothing and jeans ever since. We are very excited about the new Fall 2008 line, some of which should be in store next week. Each season there is a definite theme and this Fall seems to be something like high-plains space-drifter. I'm all for it.
Launched in L.A. in 1998, Grey Ant started out as a never-ending party of high glamour and camp. The fashion shows were more outrageous and theatrical than the clothing. Fall 2005 used Ricky Martin backup dancers, a Cher impersonator, Solid Gold inspired dancers, and a slasher movie re-enactment. The hair, make-up and accessories always seem so well thought out and perfectly matched to the clothing in each season's collections. It's very inspirational. The line has always been a favorite on the West Coast but has recently become an international must have.
Designer Grant Krajecki grew up in the Chicago suburbs. After moving west, he landed his first design gig crafting costumes for porn films in L.A.. From there, he branched out to design for theater, the Ice Capades, and crafted feathered headdresses for Vegas showgirls. After having saved up money from a stint at a coffeehouse, he launched his label in 1998. It seems his influences come from all over-movies, rock & roll, dance wear, and his friends. His collaborations with Alex & Chloe & Brian Lichtenberg had yielded wild and wonderful results including geometric laser cut necklaces and Jamaican styled spandex. Grant has great personal style and has offered men's pieces in his collection but they don't ever seem to make into production. I hope that day comes soon though! Grey Ant can be elegant, playful, sexy & tough all at once. One collection was described as "Married with Children" meets "Tootsie" directed by Woody Allen’. If you are feeling that than maybe Grey Ant just might be for you too.

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