Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spy Girl

Maud Adams (February 12, 1945) was born Maud Wikstrom in Sweden, the daughter of Thyra, a government tax inspector and Gustav Wilkstrom, a financial controller. In 1963 she was discovered in a shop by a photographer who took her picture and then submitted the photograph to the Miss Sweden contest arranged by the Norwegian weekly magazine 'Allers'. Adams won the contest and from there her modeling career took off.

Adams moved to Paris and later to New York to work for Eileen Ford in the mid sixties. At this time she was one of the highest paid and most exposed models in the world. Through her work she met Roy Adams a photographer whom in 1966 she would marry.

In 1970 she was asked to appear as a photo shoot model in the opening credits of the movie "The Boys In the Band". This led to more work on such American T.V. series as Hawaii Five-O and Kojak. Her big break came in 1974 when she was offered the role of Andrea, the ill-fated lover of super assassin "Scaramanga" in the James Bond film "The Man With the Golden Gun."

In 1975 as Adams and her husband divorced, the movie roles kept pouring in. Some of her other film credits include Norman Jewison's futuristic action film "Rollerball" (1975) and the erotic drama "Tattoo" with Bruce Dern (1981). She is the only woman to appear in three James Bond movies. Adams played the title mystery woman in "Octopussy" (1983) and an uncredited role in "A View To A Kill" (1985). During the rest of the 80's, she mostly did bad T.V. movies and theatrical thrillers, to which only a handful made the cut for home video.

In the late nineties Adams married her second husband, Charles Rubin, a judge. She moved back to Sweden where she was the host and director of Kafe Lulea and a regular cast member on Radioskugga and Vita Logner. In the states, she could be seen offering commentary in numerous James Bond-related documentaries.


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