Friday, October 31, 2008


Shelley Alexis Duvall (July 7, 1949) is an award-winning American film and television actress. Duvall was born in Houston, Texas, the daughter of Bobbie Ruth Crawford, a real estate broker, and Robert Richardson Duvall, a defense attorney. After graduating from Waltrip High School she found a job working as a cosmetics saleswoman at a Houston Foley’s. While at work she was discovered by a production scout working for Robert Altman.

After a tough interview with Altman, Duvall won the lead role of Suzanne, the free-spirited love interest to Bud Cort’s reclusive Brewster in Brewster McCloud. Altman was so impressed by Duvall that he cast her in his next films McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971), Thieves Like Us (1974), and Nashville (1975). In 1977, Duvall was awarded a Best Actress by the Cannes Film Festival and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association for her portrayal of the delusional Millie Lammoreaux in Altman’s 3 Women.

That same year Duvall appeared in Annie Hall as Woody Allen’s love interest. Her next role would be Wendy opposite Jack Nicholson in Stanley Kubrick’s horror film The Shining. In 1979, Altman asked Duvall to play Olive Oyl in the big-screen adaptation of Popeye. Recalling as a child relentlessly being teased as Olive Oyl, Duvall was reluctant at first but eventually succumbed to the role with rave reviews. Although she has appeared in many movies since, she has never reached the heights of success she did from The Shining or Popeye.

Throughout the eighties and early nineties Duvall executive produced and hosted a series for Showtime cable network based on classic fairy tales. She received an emmy nomination in 1985 and 1992 for her work.

After playing a small role in the 2002 independent film Manna from Heaven, Duvall disappeared from the public eye. She is currently believed to be living near Austin, TX where she has been spotted by several fans. It is not known why she stopped acting or if she has any plans to resume her career in the future.



I absolutley love Shelley!! nice post, great pics.


Jasmina said...

I love her big big eyes :oo oh she is to thin

Anonymous said...

She was the kind of actress with a strange presence (she was´nt Helen of Troy) but attractive (like s.weaver or Adrianne Barbeau for example).