Tuesday, September 2, 2008

song bird

Alison Goldfrapp is a modern day Stevie Nicks. A timeless, ageless, dollfaced beauty hailing from England, she got her start performing with other acts such as Orbital & Tricky in the early 90's before recording Goldfrapp's debut album, Felt Mountain in 2000 with bandmate, Will Gregory. Since then they have had three more releases and a great collection of singles and videos. Alison captures and interprets a vintage esthetic in her music, clothing and general imagery surrounding her work. Tough girl chic clashes with glitter and is topped with a little cabaret sex kitten. These styles reflect her eclectic mix of influences ranging from glam rock to electroclash to bossa nova. Staying true to her constantly evolving aesthetic, Alison has most recently moved towards a more natural, whimsical look inspired by harlequin prints, feathers and nature that coincides with a softer and more meditative sound featured on Goldfrapp’s new album entitled Seventh Tree. Ahead of trends and never predictable, Goldfrapp’s style is always changing while pushing boundaries of fashion and music. I have included some shots from videos, live performance and photo shoots as well as a video for a newer single, "Clowns". Shot on super 8 it is a magical little film, a mystical treasure with a sweet soundtrack. I hope you enjoy.

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{this is glamorous} said...

Fantastic! Love the write-up, and love, love, love the shot with the peacock feathers.