Thursday, September 25, 2008

We won!

Thanks to the readers and folks at the Philadelphia City Paper! In today's paper we were graced with a 2008 City Paper Choice Award for Best Blog to Read While Getting Dressed. According to the paper;
It's a well-known pop culture factoid that espionage is stylish. The inspiring fashion snaps of bombshells past and present and documented jet-setting of Grasshopper's Tracy Lutz and Regina Mandell keep our eyes on Come Spy with Me ( We'll gladly spy with these blogging mavens on previews of upcoming stock, trends they're sweating and their well-accessorized road trips.
We are overjoyed! And thanks to Kelly White, Monica Weymouth, and Michael T. Regan for putting the piece together and the excellent photo!

Check back later today for the sale we are cooking up-you don't want to miss it!


jessica said...

congratulations on your award winning blog.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Grasshopper! Nice work.