Saturday, December 6, 2008

pony express

We have finally got in our last two tees by artist Kime Buzzelli here at Grasshopper and we are psyched! There are currently four different designs in stock so....collect them all!!! Tracy & I have been following Kime and her artwork for a few years now through her L.A. boutique Show Pony and her wonderful blog, The Moldy Doily. From the first glance at her work I felt like I was getting to know a kindred spirit, and could recognize her, myself and so many girls I know in these whimsical, magickal paintings. Following her through her work and play makes me want to go make something or go out and party dressed like a wild banshee. Here are three reasons why you should get to know her too...
Artwork by Kime Buzzelli

This girl not only has endless style, she knows how to party!

And no mention would be complete without Georgie Boy

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Dominica said...

Wow, love the drawings and just adore the face of that cat !
lovely - what a cutie !!