Wednesday, June 25, 2008

babe in the woods

I can remember the first time I went to Wildwood, NJ, I was a very little girl in the late seventies. I had never even heard of the place. But even in my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined what I was about to see. The first motel I ever stayed at was the Imperial 500, which I'm happy to say is still standing and not the victim of condo nation. I have been a fan ever since of the mid-century motels, boardwalk, rides, arcades and diners. For a few days I stayed at the Starlux motel in one of their airstream trailers. It was such a good time. We even had our own outdoor area with a grill that we shared with the other trailer and the cottage.
If you have ever been to Wildwood you know that every year the t-shirt shops on the boardwalk have a theme. This year has to be one of my favorites with neon paint splatters and knock-off Cazal shutter glasses.
After we checked out of our airstream trailer, we took the short drive to Cape May, for brunch. Cape May is a drastic difference from the glitz of Wildwood, but a warm welcome all the same. I love the Victorian houses and all the beautiful plants everywhere. I found a super sweet lantern shaped like a lighthouse in one of the shops and now my trip is complete.

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CoutureCarrie said...

Brings back fond memories of salt water taffy! Btw, my middle name is Ryder... It was my grandmother's maiden name.