Tuesday, June 17, 2008

field day

Monday the grasshopper girls got out of the city and took a mini road trip. Before we left Philadelphia we stopped at a local favorite Cafe Estelle for a quick bite to eat. It's a bit of a hidden gem on 4th Street below Spring Garden on the ground floor of a new condo building. Cheery decor, local & fresh ingredients, and amazing food. I went for a flat bread pizza with goat cheese, kalamata olives, and artichokes. Tracy went for a ham & manchego panini with a side of the creamiest mac & cheese I have ever tried.

Once we were fueled up we got on 95 south and headed to Terrain Urban Outfitter's new take on a nursery & garden center. This is their first location housed at what was Styers, an over 100-year-old independent nursery. Tracy & I both agreed that this place is beautiful, more like being at a flower show than a garden center. The plants and flowers for sale were pretty reasonably priced and in good health. The accessories, pots, planters and other garden & home items were very expensive. After touring the grounds, we took a break with iced coffees in their cafe. Tracy bought two new flowering plants for her terrace and I left with inspiration. When I got back home I repotted all my house plants and gave them a good dousing of water. Nothing like happy house plants.

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