Wednesday, June 25, 2008

clean house

I always feel so much better when things are tidy. I come from a long line of clean freaks and though I feel it gets more lax with each generation, I (as well as my sister) still very much have the need for an orderly and dust free environment. I spent the better part of Monday getting organized in my room. This is my dressing room/office. After looking at through a copy of Flea Market Style that originally caught my eye on sally jane vintage and coming across this is glamorous I was official inspired. I organized my necklaces on a tree, hung my earrings on a wire mesh shelf, dusted off my make up and cleaned the brushes, hung my silk scarves over a tension rod, wiped down an old window box filled with treasure that my aunt made for me many years ago and finally nailed it up over my desk along with my inspirational cork board. Now that my desk is clear I want to work on some projects!

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hmw said...

this is my most favorite of all your posts. it is so inspiring. one day i hope to have a bedroom set just like that. santa, do you hear me?