Saturday, June 7, 2008

going once! going twice.......

Last night I attended the Diamond Divas event at ye olde Freeman's Auction house. This is a preview party for their new vintage clothing & accessories auctions that will be starting June 9th. It's a twice a year event that is not to be missed that is run in part by my very good friend, Olivia. Tons of gorgeous vintage couture eye candy, an elegantly decorated room, an excellent open bar and super snazzy snacks. I was about to go alone when at the last minute my good buddy Jason called me and I dragged him along. I was happy to have a date and impressed that he was willing to go up against a room full of wacky ladies squealing over fashion. It must have been the promise of an open bar.
My eyes were first drawn to a dress showcased on the wall with a wild print and feather trim. I had to go get a closer look.

But while over there I got crazy for the vintage folding screen that was on the floor in front of the dress. It is going on auction in the fall and I may have to empty the bank account for it.

Here are some more gowns:

The cases of treasures:

One woman's brooch collection with a serious turtle obsession and some poodles thrown in for good measure:

And then I fell in love.
With a vest.

A jeweled velvet 70's vest from Philadelphia's own Nan Duskin. I seriously almost walked out the front door in it. I don't think anyone would have noticed because it looked so natural on me. I know you must agree. But alas my affair with a vest ended when I saw the bidding starting at $200.00. Oh well, I will always have the picture.


Her assistant-

The after party consisted of me, Jay & Livy boozin' it up over at Oscar's, a great little dive on Sansom Street. We watched the Philly's win, rubbed elbows with hipsters, Jay broke his beer glass and Livy was asked if she was taken. On the way home I danced with umbrella man, and then we jumped into a cab! Good night!

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