Wednesday, June 4, 2008

feelin' it

I am a big fan of Bardot. It fascinates me that one of the most beautiful celebrities in the world dropped out of the limelight and found another life away from the camera where she grew old naturally and quietly with grace. This babe had a lot of looks that she went through over her film and music career. Right now I am obsessed & inspired by her look in the 70's. It was a time in her life where she was making a transition from movie-making to animal activism and was spending more & more time alone and with her animals at her beach front bungalow in St. Tropez. Her style was laid back, effortless-a natural beach beauty. Her natural dark blonde hair grew in and she over plucked her eyebrows which only accented her constant deep tan. In 1973, just before her fortieth birthday, Bardot announced her retirement. After appearing in more than fifty motion pictures and recording several albums, she chose to use her fame to promote animal rights and still does to this day. This summer I will channel my boho Bardot beach bunny.

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